My Rule of 100… a simple productivity boost — tried and tested!

Muhammad Armaghan Tanveer
3 min readMay 19, 2021


We often go down the rabbit hole to schedule our perfect day, find the best task managers, or make lists of things to do. Yet, we often fail. I tried this rule of 100 to boost productivity, and it brought sanity to my progress towards a more managed life.

Much has been said and written on productivity that everything you may read in the next 3 minutes might feel like more of the same. At the same time, despite knowing boosting productivity, bringing efficiency, and becoming successful, most of us are never in control of our lives. We try to find the best note-taking apps, the best task managers, the best morning rituals to follow, and yet we procrastinate and delay the most important of our tasks, day in day out. It’s only when we near a deadline that panic overtakes our routine, and we work towards our goals.

We try to find the best note-taking apps, the best task managers, the best morning rituals to follow, and yet we procrastinate and delay the most important of our tasks, day in day out

I am like you guys, trying to get better each day, failing and then restarting every day. In my search for a perfectly planned day, I have downloaded dozens of apps, followed scheduled days of a few YouTubers, read books, and followed the recommended routines. All this was in vain as I lacked the discipline to continue the routine for a period long enough to reap any rewards. Somehow, in my mind, a perfect app and a routine were what were needed to get me started.

I came across a YouTube video by Ali Abdaal suggesting that if one wants to be successful at becoming a YouTube creator, they should at least give out 100 videos. It was a simple concept — repetitions/practice improves your work and builds your habit. I decided to apply this rule but in a modified format in all aspects of my life, starting with my weight. I have been obese all my life, and as far as I can remember, I have been on a diet in some form. Yet, nothing changed, and I continued to gain weight. My experiment started with a simple diet plan that I had to stick to for 100 days — no questions asked! Cutting carbs and avoiding sugar was the only task. As of writing this article, I can proudly say that I am on the 73rd day without a single cheat day and have lost 21lbs since then. I can see why this strategy worked while thousands of Dollars of gym membership fees and expensive diet plans didn't. Initially, it was just the push to get over 100 days — mere 100 days. I was convinced that I was stronger than my cravings if it had to be only for 100 days. But as the days progressed, my cravings went down, and the body started adapting to my new routine, a start of a new habit. It was after the 50th day that I realized my clothes were getting loose; this motivated me to continue. Yes, these results would have been possible by any previous methods only if I had stayed disciplined. That's the whole point. In my opinion, the rule of 100 makes you believe that it's for a temporary time which then helps you stay consistent.

I learned that the first 100 iterations of anything you do are the most important in developing your core competency. I have not stopped yet. I have started implementing this rule in other avenues of my life as well. I will continue to post my developments here to keep you guys posted on my success or failures of this rule.

Now, I know this strategy works, so I will throw a kitchen sink at it, and let’s see what sticks. It is going to be challenging, given that I also have a full-time job. But it’s worth an experiment. The following is my plan:

  • Write 100 articles in the next 100 days.
  • Make 100 YouTube videos in the next 100 days.
  • Draw for one hour every day for 100 days.
  • Start exercising for at least 30mins every day for 100 days.



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